Taylor Jenkins: Kevon Looney’s Historic Night was a “tough” lesson for the Grizzlies

Taylor Jenkins: Kevon Looney’s Historic Night was a “tough” lesson for the Grizzlies

What was a historically impressive night for Kevon Looney proved to be a valuable lesson for the Memphis Grizzlies on Saturday.

Looney racked up 22 stunning rebounds in the Warriors ‘game 6 win, the biggest win in the Grizzlies’ game at the Chase Center, the biggest of his NBA career.

In a game – and a series, indeed – that was notoriously marked by negligent business failures for Golden State, Looney turned everyone’s attention to a different statistic.

And in his first start in the series, the big man with 6 legs and 9 feet proved that he is exactly where his place in the line is.

Unfortunately for Memphis, the resumption of Looney forced Grizzlies coach Taylor Jenkins and his team to learn the hard way.

“Looney intervened,” Jenkins said after the game. “It simply came to our notice then. His physique, we thought his positional defense was very good, they used him in a few different coverings and, from an offensive point of view, he certainly really hurt us on the panels. This was just a collection of all our boys they needed to do a better job. So it’s definitely hard to learn right here. Give them credit. We will improve on that. ”

Golden State has a total of 70 rebounds on the team, compared to 44 in Memphis.

But Looney’s aggression was not accidental. He took it personally after the Grizzlies faced the Warriors 55-37 in their 5-game losing streak in Memphis.

And he did something about it.

After experimenting and choosing to place Jonathan Kuminga in the starting lineup for Games 3, 4 and 5, Steph Curry and Draymond Green played a role in giving Looney the start in Game 6 in front of the 19-year-old rookie. .

And it certainly paid off.

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“Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Jenkins aint for me either.” “Obviously as a whole team, 25 offensive rebounds, I was lucky with the second chance points. It could have been more than 21, [but] they missed a few shots. But 21 second chance points, 25 offensive rebounds, 23 quick break points, this is a recipe for not being successful and I still had a chance. This is the effort and competitiveness that our boys continue to play with. ”

The Warriors will have little time to decide what their starting lineup will look like as they prepare for the Western Conference Finals, either against the Phoenix Suns or the Dallas Mavericks, but Looney has certainly made a strong argument to stay out. the top five. .

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