Personal finance education is gaining momentum in the United States

Nine-year-old Roberto Nieves Fernandez is studying personal finance on his laptop using the SmartPath online resource center. SMARTPATH Several states require students to take education courses in personal finance before graduating from high school. Currently, there are 23 states that require a personal finance course for students, according to the 2022 State Survey, published on … Read more

The best books to read to be smarter about your money

There are thousands of online resources to learn about personal finance, a staggering amount of financial information, from free courses offered by colleagues and educational platforms to influential TikTok and expert newsletters. This can make it difficult to identify the best sources of budgeting, savings and investment, but the earlier a person starts their financial … Read more

Why financial literacy is important, from saving to paying debts

Walrus Pictures | digital vision Getty Images Knowledge is the key to financial success. However, many Americans have no financial knowledge. This can affect everything from the amount of money saved to the debt owed. The situation is terrible for more than a few. More than half of Americans cannot cover a $ 1,000 emergency … Read more