Milwaukee Bucks Cancel Deer District Game Watch 7 After Friday Night Shootout

Milwaukee Bucks Cancel Deer District Game Watch 7 After Friday Night Shootout

MILWAUKEE – Bucks cancel watch match for Sunday’s game against the Boston Celtics after 21 people were injured in three separate shootings near a downtown Milwaukee entertainment district at the end of the U.S. team’s defeat. the semifinals of the Eastern Conference in Match 6, Friday night.

A Milwaukee mayor’s spokesman, Cavalier Johnson, said in a text that the team decided to cancel the event “after consulting with the city and public safety agencies.”

In a separate statement, the Bucks said: “The shootings in downtown Milwaukee last night were horrific and we condemn this devastating violence,” adding that the surveillance party was canceled “to allow law enforcement to allocate resources.” necessary for the continuation of the investigation of the last year. night events. ” The team noted that business in the Deer District will remain open.

The party would probably have attracted more than 10,000 people. The Bucks said 11,000 people attended a Game 6 party there, even though another 19,000 were inside the Fiserv Forum.

Three people were shot near the neighborhood outside the Fiserv Forum, towards the end of Friday night’s match, sending fans to flee the streets. One person was injured in a second shooting, before a third shot, less than a mile from the arena, left 17 people with non-life-threatening injuries, police said.

A 16-year-old man and a girl who were injured in the first shooting were taken to a local hospital on Friday night, while a third person was driving there, according to the Milwaukee Fire Department. All three have non-life-threatening injuries.

Police said a 19-year-old man had been in custody since the first shooting and that the charges were awaiting review by the Milwaukee District Attorney’s Office. No arrests were made in the second shooting, said Deputy Chief of Police Nicole Waldner.

Ten people were arrested and nine firearms were recovered following the third shooting, according to police, who described the incident as an exchange of gunfire between two groups of people.

“What makes people think they can just have a shootout on a public street or in an entertainment district, whether the police are there or not?” Waldner told a news conference at noon.

Five of the wounded in the third shooting were armed, and 10 of them were arrested, Waldner said.

Johnson said the city has imposed an access station for the central area, which requires anyone 20 years of age or younger to leave the street by 11pm on Saturday and Sunday. Additional police patrols are also planned.

“We can’t have that in this city, nowhere else in this state, not anywhere else in this country,” Johnson said.

Milwaukee police did not say whether the shootings were linked and investigations are ongoing.

Bucks fans began packing in the Deer District as the team ran to the NBA last season. With the chance to win the Eastern Conference semifinals against the Celtics and on a warm day after a long winter, Friday was the first opportunity for fans to pick up the tradition. The team had installed metal detectors surrounding the bars and outside the arena.

The first shooting took place outside that perimeter, about a block from the Fiserv Forum.

Witnesses outside the arena said they heard gunshots with just over a minute left in the fourth quarter of Boston’s 108-95 victory, which tied the series at 3-3, and those shots drove many of them crazy. , running in several directions. .

A large police presence was left outside the arena a few hours after the match, with police exploiting several nearby intersections.

Jamal Collier from ESPN and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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