Hoda Kotb meets again after Joel Schiffman’s breakup

Hoda Kotb meets again after Joel Schiffman’s breakup

Yesterday’s trouble is just a new beginning for tomorrow’s co-host “Today” Hoda Kotb.

The 57-year-old television personality has admitted that she keeps her heart “open” at meetings after her recent breakup with Joel Schiffman.

“I didn’t really think about who I was going to see, but I have to say something,” Kotb told People as he celebrated NBC News’ 70th anniversary.

“My sister even said and asked me at one point, ‘Are you afraid to be alone?’ And I said, “I won’t be alone.” And I don’t know why I said it so clearly, but I actually knew my heart was open. I have an open heart. ”

Kotb announced in late January that she and Schiffman, 64, were canceling their engagement and breaking up after eight years together.

Hoda Kotb
Schiffman proposed to Kotb in 2019, but their marriage plans were suspended due to COVID-19.

“I wanted to address something that I think some of you have noticed. People wrote and asked why I wasn’t wearing my engagement ring, “said the host at the top of a Monday show.

“Joel and I had a lot of prayerful and meaningful conversations during the holiday season, and we decided that we were better friends and parents than we were as an engaged couple.”

Schiffman successfully addressed Hotb’s question in 2019, but their wedding plans were suspended after the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. The former couple started dating in 2013 and have two adopted daughters: Haley Joy, 5, and Hope Catherine, 2.

Hoda Kotb
“I feel privileged to have spent eight years with him,” Kotb said.
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“It’s not like anything happened,” Kotb said of her separation from the financier. “It is said that sometimes relationships are meant to be there for a reason, for a season or for a lifetime and I feel that ours was meant to be there for a season.

“I feel privileged to have spent eight years with him,” she said. “We’re both good, we’re both on our way and we’ll be good parents to these cute kids.”

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