Draymond teases Kendrick Perkins for saying he is “afraid”

Draymond teases Kendrick Perkins for saying he is “afraid”

The Golden State Warriors advance to the Western Conference Finals after defeating the Memphis Grizzlies in the game on Friday night, the 6th. After the match, Draymond Green had a few things to say comments made by Kendrick Perkins earlier in the day First take in which Perkins claimed that Green was “afraid not to shoot right now.”

After explaining the Warriors’ approach to the game and how there was no desire among the team to make the 4.5-hour flight back to Memphis for a Game 7, Green told reporters that “something came on the phone earlier about how I’m afraid to shoot the basketball. “

“A big ogre on TV talking about what Draymond said is not the gospel, it’s the gospel,” Green said. “What I’m saying is the gospel. When you say this over and over again, in different segments, you have to think that what I am saying is the gospel. ”

Green went on to address another Perkins line, that anyone can make the various passes that Green makes to establish decisive passes for his teammates and called it “simply stupid.”

“These are people who engage in television to talk about our game,” Green said. “‘Anyone can make this transition,’ you make that transition, I’d love to see it. By the way, I played against that guy – I’m talking about Kendrick Perkins … “anyone could pass,” so you couldn’t be so lucky. “

Perkins then took to Twitter to respond to these comments, saying “you’re not nice, you’re not handsome” and that he will “say what I mean” about him.

Time will tell if Green or Perkins will address this further in the podcast of the former or in the numerous appearances of the latter on ESPN.

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