Draymond Green and Kendrick Perkins exchange shots after Warrior triumph over Memphis

Draymond Green and Kendrick Perkins exchange shots after Warrior triumph over Memphis

The quarrel between Draymond Green and Kendrick Perkins continues to grow. And while it may be hard to believe, it becomes even more personal.

After coming up with the idea that no one was holding Green or the Golden State Warriors accountable, Perkins took his attacks to the next level. The analyst recently joined ESPN’s “First Take” and said Green was “afraid” to take some pictures. Perkins also claimed that Green’s assistance during the Golden State series against Memphis was so light that he, Perkins, could have done it.

For what he deserves, Perkins ended his career with 813 assists in the regular season, while Green has 3,733 and beyond.

It seems that Perkins ‘comments reached Green, who collected 14 points, 8 assists and 15 rebounds in Dubs’ victory on Friday night. In his post-match remarks, Green referred to Perkins as “a big ogre talking on TV.”

Green also warned that the words “scared” and “Draymond” should never be said in the same sentence.

Draymond’s son, DJ, one, couldn’t believe someone called his father scared.

And four times All-Star has made an exception, with Perkins saying that anyone can complete Green’s passes. “It’s just nonsense, and these are people hired to talk on TV about our game. Can anyone pass this on? You couldn’t! ” said Green, who competed against Perkins earlier in his career.

“What I’m saying is the gospel,” Green concluded.

Nobody ever said he was modest.

Instead of responding to any basketball points, Perkins responded in a post on social media late at night about Draymond’s physical appearance.

“Man, you’re not nice. You’re not pretty, Perkins told Green.

Things got out of hand.

“I am with my 10th grade wife. Dimepiece. So don’t turn it around, “said Perkins.

It’s great that Perkins has had a long, successful marriage and that he is finding a beautiful wife. Using your husband’s attractiveness is, however, a crazy answer to a basketball debate.

With the Warriors advancing to the Western Conference Finals and Perkins always ready for a title-grabbing approach, this personal quarrel is unlikely to subside any time soon.

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