Darius Garland discusses the thrill of “playoff experience”

Darius Garland discusses the thrill of “playoff experience”

Wasps guardian Darius Garland He set three high goals before the start of the season and achieved them all, he said in an interview with Tyler R. Tynes of GQ. Garland wanted to be a finalist for the Best Player trophy, to be an All-Star and at least reach the play-in tournament. He finished third in the MIP vote, played in the Cleveland All-Star Game and experienced the atmosphere of the game, even though the Cavs lost both games.

Cleveland got off to a great start and remained in the competition for one of the first Eastern seed for most of the season. But a series of injuries caused the team to slip to eighth place in the series, which led to an early exit. Now that he has a taste for the postseason, Garland wants to go even further next year.

“Being there, feeling the experience of the playoffs, that atmosphere with the whole city behind you, could barely be heard in the arena.” said Garland. “It simply came to our notice then in Brooklyn [and in] the second game against Atlanta at home. This was probably the most intense basketball I’ve ever had in my life. So it was great to have that experience, but I definitely want to get into the playoffs. ”

Garland, who will be eligible for a beginner-scale extension this summer, said he likes being in Cleveland and hopes for a long-term future there. He touches on this and other topics during the interview:

About the coach of JB Bickerstaff, who trusted him to take control of the team:

“In the second year, he literally told me, ‘You have the keys, this is your team, you just have to drive.’ That’s the analogy he gave me. I had to learn to drive this car with this team, coming as one of the youngest boys on the team, and I had to be the leader and talk the most. To be more vocal, to be a leader, to put people where they want to be and to try to be the best on the field at all times. Be the first on the field. Be the last to leave. These are all the little things we talk about. ”

On lessons from veteran guards Ricky Rubio and Rajon Rondowho both spent part of the season with the Cavs:

“Rondo gave me the mental side of the game. We watch movies throughout the season. Every game, on the road, on the plane, in the room, at dinner. We watch the movie regardless of the situation with “Do. With Ricky, it was the game inside the game. He told me to play a game while we played a game. Put people in pick and roll situations, go to him and see what he does. Next piece: put him in the same pick and roll situation and see what happens. He taught me how to break a defense. I took those things lightly from the two of them. “

We Collin Sextonheading to restricted free agency in the off-season:

“I hope Collin stays around. I really like playing with him. It’s super cool off the field and we have a lot in common: we both like shoes and clothes and we like basketball. He was like my older brother coming to the league. So, hopefully, Collin stays. Hopefully we’ll have more extra years to play with each other and make a few playoff appearances. “

“It simply came to our notice then. I try to stay in the present and work on myself. I’m trying to get better. I’m trying to make this team better. I’m trying to improve this organization. I’m working on myself. These guys are real legends in Cleveland and the NBA, so they all respect me, but now I’m working on my team and me. I’m talking to “Bron and Ky after games and stuff, but nothing about Cleveland.”

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