Ben Simmons, the Nets will work together on an off-season plan

Ben Simmons, the Nets will work together on an off-season plan

Ben Simmons and Sixers have never been able to reach the same page last season, but it looks like things will be different with net, writes Brian Lewis of The New York Post. Simmons and his representatives will work with the team on a plan to optimize his physical and mental health before training camp, a source close to Simmons told Lewis.

“We’re working with the Nets on a summer plan,” said the source. “Everyone is confident.”

Simmons is recovering from a microdiscectomy surgery he suffered on May 4 from an L-4 disc herniation in his lower back. He is expected to need three months of detox before he can start playing again, and Nets officials want to do as much of this work as possible in Brooklyn.

An encouraging sign, according to Lewis, is that Simmons agreed to sell his mansion in South Jersey and his apartment in downtown Philadelphia.

At a press conference this week, the general manager of Brooklyn Sean Marks He said Simmons was “already relieved” of the operation and expressed optimism that he would return strong next season.

President Sixers Daryl Morey he admitted that he could not build a relationship with Simmons, who was not willing to open up to mental health professionals, Lewis adds. No agreement has yet been reached on whether Simmons will see therapists working for the Nets, but Marks said there will be benefits if we have him at the team’s training center and that he is close to his colleagues and coaches.

“[The question] about how we support him through the mental performance part of things, this is an emotional topic. ” said Marks. “I don’t want to talk about mental health or mental performance. I’ll let Ben address this at the right time. I’ll say this: Whether it’s the NBA or what everyone’s going through, I look around and I’d love to [see] if there is anyone who has not had any kind of mental fatigue in the last two years. This was not easy for anyone. I don’t apologize to anyone in the professional sports area, but we all need support. And we’re going through that. And the same for Ben. ”

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